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ToF Supported by Streamax Passenger Counter P2
Time: 2021-07-26

Time-of-flight Principle

The Time-of-Flight principle (ToF) is a method for measuring the distance between a sensor and an object, based on the time difference between the emission of a signal and its return to the sensor, after being reflected by an object. Various types of signals (also called carriers) can be used with the Time-of-Flight principle, the most common being sound and light. Streamax P2 sensors use light as their carrier because it is uniquely able to combine higher speed, longer range and eye-safety. By using infrared light we can ensure less signal disturbance and easier distinction from natural ambient light, resulting in the highest performing distance sensors for their given size.

(ToF) sensors of P2 measure distances using the time that it takes for photons to travel between two points, from the sensor’s emitter to a target and then back to the sensor’s receiver.

Demonstration of ToF

Specifications of Streamax Passenger Counter P2

Main Features

  • Accurately records boarding and deboarding data; accurate counting of passenger boarding or deboarding the bus;

  • Algorithm iteration to improve accuracy;

  • Supports export & import parameter configuration; supports configuration file import and export;

  • Remote upgrade and maintenance;

  • Phone APP ooperation and maintenance.


Streamax Passenger counter P2 is a professional Automatic Passenger Counter available for installation on transit vehicles including buses and rail vehicles which accurately records boarding and alighting data. Owing to its advanced technology and special design, it can adapt to different light, as well as accurately detect the entry or exit direction of passengers. Besides, user can connect the network or RS485 port to the mobile DVR, it helps operators seeking to improve the accuracy of reporting patronage as well as analyzing transit use patterns by linking boarding and alighting data with stop or station location. P2 can work as a standalone system or connect to MDVR over LAN or RS485 port for more features.




Performance Index




ARM Cortex-A7, main frequency 1GHz




Support for external expansion 128GB memory card

LAN Function

100Mbps Fast Ethernet (6PIN DIN JACVK)

SD Card Interface

1*SD card interface  (Supports up to 128GB)

Alarm I/O

2 channels alarm I/O

Serial Interface

1*RS485  4PIN small 557

Power Input





Product characteristics

Store Temperature


Operating temperature


Environment Humidity

0%~95% (no condensation)

Input Voltage

DC 836V

Product Dimension


Average Power




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