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Streamax UK Public Transport Solution Launch Webinar 2021
Time: 2021-07-20

AI-powered Solutions for Safer Public Transport Operations in the UK

Written by Yuqing Nan

On 30th June 2021, Streamax UK Public Sector Solution Launch 2021 Webinar was held online. Thanks to all the presenters and all the supporting expert teams, the event was a huge success. Kevin Liu, Board Member & General Manager of Streamax Overseas Centre, gave an opening speech to kick off the event, followed by an introduction video of Streamax Technology and its portfolio of active safety systems. Marco from Streamax’s headquarters gave a virtual tour of our brand-new showroom situated on the 16th Floor of the corporate headquarters in Shenzhen and showcased some of our latest solutions uniquely designed for the public transport sector.


The first keynote presenter, Balazs Berki, Business Development Director for the UK and Europe Region of Streamax, offered a sneak peek of our latest public transport product portfolio launched in the United Kingdom, focusing on the latest Artificial Intelligence-powered capabilities for the Bus Industry. We also invited 2 of our prestigious local partners to showcase how they successfully integrated Streamax’s AI-powered active safety systems on buses in London and other parts of the UK.


Balazs Berki, Business Development Director for the UK and Europe Region of Streamax

With over 2.1 million commercial vehicles served worldwide, with over 600,000 live installations of AI-powered active safety systems, Streamax is a leading mobile surveillance equipment manufacturer for commercial vehicle fleets, and the N°1 video telematics solution provider according to Berg Insight. Our connected safety systems are live on over a quarter of a million buses, school buses, and coaches worldwide, with a whole host of smart safety features.

In recent years, the UK has become one of the priority markets for Streamax and our UK business team has expanded accordingly, to be able to keep up with the immense market growth we’ve been experiencing while serving commercial vehicle fleets in the UK. Thanks to our UK-wide network of specialist system integrator and installation partners, our in-cab, onboard, and exterior vehicle systems have already been widely used by most HGV, van, and some bus fleet operators, allowing them to comply with the latest road safety regulations, such as the Direct Vision Standard in London.

The application of artificial intelligence in the industry is developing at full speed, and its capabilities are evolving over time. AI will inevitably transform the public transport sector and how its stakeholders will interact with each other. Our ability to design and implement bespoke AI applications from a bespoke business concept, through system design, data collection, deep learning, and algorithm development to a sustainable delivered system, all backed up with our in-house R&D and AI institute sets us apart from conventional market players. Public transport stakeholders are starting to proactively look at the opportunities brought by AI to improve their services, performance, and the safety of their drivers, passengers, and vulnerable road users (VRUs).


The current position-based bridge strike warning schemes are already widely known by the industry. The geolocation-based solutions on the market can support the prevention of bridge strike incidents but the technology itself is not necessarily known to be highly accurate, due to major GPS lagging issues. Therefore, Streamax has recently developed a solution that combines this position-based scheme with a new image-based low bridge recognition scheme for much higher accuracy, with the support of our AI-powered dual-lens Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS).


As part of our efforts in supporting the rapid evolution of complex public transport ecosystems, Streamax has been busy developing and launching various active safety solutions to help bus companies with safe driver-assistance systems around the world. With the support of machine vision technology, our solutions can also detect and analyse the traffic behaviour of vulnerable road users (VRUs), lane markings, and other transportation scenarios, providing real-time feedback to the driver to prevent accidents under any kind of weather condition. These active safety solutions can prevent road accidents in advance, by monitoring the surrounding environment of the vehicle, along with the driver's driving behaviour. These AI and video telematics technology-based solutions are dedicated to preventing accidents before they happen and save video evidence after accidents.


Although we had to hold this event online due to the pandemic, our valued guests could still experience how passionate our teams and partners are about contributing to building a brighter future of transportation with technology. We look forward to seeing you all at our next events, so stay tuned!

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