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Streamax AI Center Safeguard Every Journey with Artificial Intelligence
Time: 2021-07-01

AI Technology in Various Scenarios Utilization in Every Driving Scenario

With the rapid development of technology, Artificial Intelligence has embedded into every aspect of human life. Streamax has always been keen on developing AI-powered features and solutions for commercial vehicles, including AI, cloud computing, big data, and video technology etc. Streamax strive to empower the commercial vehicle safety with our continuous R&D investment in AI, cloud computing, video technology and big data.

Streamax AI Center Current Capabilities

Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)

Vehicle Collision Prevention

Pedestrian Collision Prevention

Cyclist Collision Prevention (motorcycle & bicycle)

Driving Area and Obstacle Detection

Fraudulent Claim Detection

Traffic Sign & Symbol Recognition

Traffic Light Recognition

Underground Garage Collision Prevention

Over Height Detection

Road Marking Recognition Lens Obstruction Detection


Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Fatigue Detection

Distraction Detection

Smoking Detection

Phone Usage Detection

Seatbelt Detection

Mask Detection

Infrared Blocking Sunglasses Detection

Driver Abnormalities Detection

Lens Obstruction Detection


Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Pedestrian Detection

Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Detection

Lens Stain & Blockage Detection

Curb Recognition

Lens Obstruction Detection


Safe Cabin (SC)

Physical Conflict Detection

Seatbelt Detection

Texting Detection

Hands off Steering Wheel Detection


Voice Recognition

Keywords Detection (Mandarin, English, Dialect)

Voice Interaction

Noise Reduction

Gunshot Detection


Passenger Counting


Visible Light

Passenger Counting

Uniform Recognition


Public Transportation

Give Way to Pedestrian Enforcement

Zebra Crossing Recognition & Segmentation

Isolation Pole Detection

Pedestrian & Face Direction Detection

Bus Lane Occupation Capture

Bus Lane Recognition

Vehicle Type Recognition

Mainland China Plate Detection & Recognition


Bus Intelligent Cabin

Passenger Physical Conflict Detection

Weapon Carrying Detection (gun & knife)

Left-behind Detection

Passenger Overload Detection

Crowd Density Estimation


Intelligent Interior Rearview Mirror

Identity Recognition/Dynamic Inspection/Life Detection

Physical Conflict Detection

Weapon Carrying Detection (gun & knife)

Seatbelt Detection

Lost Item Detection

Passenger Counting

Mask Detection

Age & Gender Recognition



Traffic Violation Capture

Safety Island Recognition (in development)

Vehicle Speeding Capture

Mainland China Plate Recognition

UAE Plate Recognition


Dump Truck Operation Compliance

Load Lid Status Detection

Load Detection

Load Type Detection


Waste Management Compliance

Illegal Dumping Detection

Full Waste Bin Detection

Mixed Kitchen Waste Detection

Dumping without Breaking Bag Detection


Intelligent Sanitation Truck Collection & Transportation

Garbage Bin Statistics

Mixed Loading & Transporting Detection


After years of accumulation, Streamax has developed and formed a number of AI technology development platforms, these platforms are the foundation of our continuous improvement in R&D.. Additionally, Streamax Technology Artificial Intelligence Center Technical Exchange Meeting came into play. Latest AI developments and breakthroughs and cutting-edge technology will be updated and shared in the future.

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