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2021 Streamax Europe Summer Products Launch
Time: 2021-05-20

Challenges Arise; Opportunities Remain

Written by Jericho Liu


On May 18th, 2021, the 2021 Streamax Europe Summer Products Launch was successfully held online.

Shortly after the opening speeches of Kevin Liu, General Manager of Streamax Global Market, and Pascal Yang, Managing Director of Streamax Europe, an in-depth analysis of the overall market was conducted by Christopher Jégou, Account Manager of Streamax Europe. Although challenges arose due to the pandemic, causing problems such as shortage of supply and increase of lead time, Streamax managed to hold a strong stance when facing these challenges.

New MDVRs and cameras, such as the X1N, X3N, ADPlus, and C39 series were introduced to all the participants with detailed information of their technical capabilities and application scenarios.

Additionally, to answer the clients' privacy concerns, Streamax also introduced several AI-powered privacy protection features, such as dynamic video mosaic and license plate recognition features for law enforcement departments.

The webinar also featured two guest speakers to share their experiences of cooperation with Streamax. Mr. Stefano Morlini, Information Systems and Technological Innovation Manager of SETA, shared his detailed experience on using the Streamax APC sensor and APC platform. Mr. Maximilian Di Pasquale, General Manager of TUA Abruzzo, shared how they fully utilized the integration of the XPad with LCD, MDVR, door view, or even ticketing devices. The speakers and the corresponding companies were also awarded Innovation Partners of 2021 by Streamax.

To end the webinar on a high note, a lottery draw was also conducted at the end of the session, to serve as a token of gratitude for all the guests' participation and support.

Although lingering effects of the pandemic are still present, Streamax will never cease the efforts in connecting and communicating with clients from all over the world. As always, we look forward to finally meeting you in person to bring values to the table.


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